JCS offers an extensive selection of radiation shielding for neutron, gamma and X-ray fields. These materials can be supplied in sheets, rods, pellets, flexible sheets, field castable kits and even pre-moulded to your specifications (where relevant). We are also able to offer a machining service for appropriate materials.

JCS is pleased to announce a new low-cost range of engineering-grade neutron shielding including pure and boron loaded polyethylene. With standard sizes up to 6m x 2m x 100mm and total elemental boron loading of 5%. Our new sheets are easily machined and cost-effective for all neutron shielding applications.

Pure Polyethylene Neutron Shielding

JCPEP is a pure, high molecular weight, polyethylene neutron shielding, frequently used as a moderator where it is desired to slow fast neutrons down to… more

Key Properties

  • Used to thermalise fast neutrons
  • Very high hydrogen content
  • An excellent neutron moderator
  • Can be supplied as shielding kits

5% Borated Polyethylene

JCPE5 is a 5% boron loaded polyethylene neutron shield – HMW grade. Specifically developed for neutron shielding purposes in nuclear installations; its optimal boron content… more

Key Properties

  • High hydrogen content
  • Excellent attenuation of thermal neutrons
  • Can be supplied as shielding kits
  • Other boron loadings available

Self-Extinguishing Borated Polyethylene

JC207HD Self-Extinguishing Borated Polyethylene is used for neutron shielding applications where flame resistance is necessary or desired for the installation.  Its hydrogen content is slightly… more

Key Properties

  • Self-extinguishing shielding
  • JC207HD: 0.9% boron & 6% hydrogen
  • JC207HD5: 5% boron & 6.6% hydrogen

Lithium Polyethylene

JC215 is an effective neutron shield that uses lithium instead of boron as the thermal neutron absorber.  Thermal neutrons captured by boron produce a 420… more

Key Properties

  • Shield detectors in neutron fields
  • Lithium does not emit capture gamma
  • Shields using enriched lithium 6
  • High hydrogen content with 7.5% lithium

Borated Flex-Panel

JC227ATH Borated Flexi-Panel is an improved version of the discontinued JC227A. JC227ATH Borated Flexi-Panel is typically used for shielding neutrons such as those produced by… more

Key Properties

  • Inexpensive flexible material
  • Useful for facility upgrades
  • Ideal for use on walls or in doors
  • Easily handled & installed by non-specialised personnel

Flex-Boron Sheet

JC238 Flex-Boron is a flexible neutron shielding material useful for shielding irregular shapes as well as for being adhered to large straight or curved vertical… more

Key Properties

  • High temp shielding material
  • Contains 25% boron by weight
  • Useful for shielding irregular shapes
  • Easily cut to size with utility knife


JC237 Boron-Silicone is a fire and heat resistant field-castable neutron shielding material.  It is silicone elastomer-based and has a high hydrogen content.  At temperatures up… more

Key Properties

  • Fire & heat-resistant
  • High hydrogen content
  • Field-castable shielding
  • Available as custom-made pre-cast pieces

High Temp Poly Substitute

JC237-0 neutron moderator is a fire and heat resistant field-castable neutron shielding material. It is silicone elastomer-based and has a high hydrogen content. At temperatures… more

Key Properties

  • Excellent field castable moderator
  • Fire & heat-resistant material
  • Self-extinguishing material
  • Pre-cast custom shapes available

PolyCast Neutron Shield

JC259 & JC259Z-4 are a field-castable dry mix that provides excellent neutron shielding characteristics.  It is typically cast into closed containers and retains its hydrogen… more

Key Properties

  • Excellent, low-cost neutron shielding
  • Maintains 80% of its very high hydrogen content up to 300°F
  • Field castable without special tools
  • Requires only water for mixing

Castable Reactor Shielding

JC277 and 277Z-5 are excellent high flux neutron shields due to the inclusion of temperature resistant additives that provide hydrogen for moderation and boron for… more

Key Properties

  • >2x hydrogen content as standard concrete
  • Boron loadings from 1.6% to 5%
  • Completely non-combustible
  • Rugged “concrete-like” shielding

Neutron Putty

JC261 Neutron Putty can be used for the collimation of neutrons and for reducing neutron streaming.  It is a non-hardening, boron loaded LDPE putty that… more

Key Properties

  • Non-hardening boron loaded putty
  • Contains 10% boron
  • High hydrogen content
  • Neutron attenuation factor of approx. 100
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