JCS are able to offer an extensive selection of radiation shielding for neutron, gamma and X-ray fields. These materials can be supplied in sheets, rods, pellets, flexible sheets, field castable kits and even pre moulded to your specifications (where relevant). We are also able to offer a machining service for appropriate materials.

JCS are pleased to announce a new low-cost range of engineering grade neutron shielding including pure and boron loaded polyethylene. With standard sizes up to 6m x 2m x 100mm and total elemental boron loading of 5%. Our new sheets are easily machined and cost-effective for all neutron shielding applications.

5% Borated Polyethylene

JCPE5 is a 5% boron loaded polyethylene neutron shield – HMW grade. Specifically developed for neutron shielding purposes in nuclear installations; its optimal boron content… more

Self-Extinguishing Borated Polyethylene

Self-Extinguishing Borated Polyethylene is used for neutron shielding applications where flame resistance is necessary or desired for the installation. Self-extinguishing materials are desirable for use… more

Lithium Polyethylene

Gamma-sensitive radiation detectors used in the vicinity of reactors or other neutron sources must be shielded from capture-gamma rays. These gammas arise from capture of… more

Borated Flex-Panel

JC227ATH Borated Flexi-Panel is an improved version of the discontinued JC227A. The standard thickness has been increased to 5/16” (0.31”), which provides the same amount… more

Flex-Boron Sheet

JC238 Flex-Boron is a flexible neutron shielding material useful for shielding irregular shapes as well as for being adhered to large straight or curved vertical… more


JC237 Boron-Silicone is a fire & heat-resistant, field-castable neutron shielding material. It is silicone elastomer based and has a high hydrogen content. At temperatures up… more

High Temp Silicon

JC237-0 neutron moderator is a fire and heat resistant field-castable neutron shielding material. It is silicone elastomer based and has a high hydrogen content. At… more

PolyCast Neutron Shield

Providing excellent, low-cost neutron shielding, PolyCast is a dry mix material designed to be cast into closed containers. It is field castable, with a hydrogen… more

Castable Reactor Shielding

JC277 & JC277-5 are excellent high flux neutron shields for power reactor and other industrial neutron shielding applications. Power reactor and other industrial neutron shielding… more

Neutron Putty

JC261 Neutron Putty can be used for the collimation of neutrons and for plugging neutron shine paths. JC261 is a non-hardening boron loaded LDPE putty… more

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