Intelligent, Dual Channel Monitoring System

  1. Gamma & Neutron probes
  2. Waterproof probes
  3. RMS30 recognises probe type
  4. Supplies correct voltage to all system probes
  5. Network Capabilities
  6. User defined units: sV/h, CPS / rem/h

Wide-Range Gamma Dose-Rate Monitor

  1. Energy Response 30keV to 7MeV ±30%
  2. H*10 ambient dose equivalence
  3. Dose-Rate Range 100nSvh⁻¹ to 999mSvh⁻¹
  4. Dose Measurement Range 100nSv - 1.75Sv

Hand-held, Dose Equivalent Neutron Monitor

  1. UK Built & Supported
  2. Neutron dose rate
  3. Accumulated dose
  4. Count rate
  5. Variable timer counts accumulated to a max of 999999s

Next Generation MCA Equipment & Software

Brightspec is an innovative company who have a strong reputation within the Nuclear & X-ray sectors. Their dynamic approach to gamma spectrometry software developments is exactly what the industry really needs.

Welcome to JCS Nuclear Solutions

We are radiation detection & shielding specialists, trusted across the nuclear sector to provide high-quality radiological instruments for a wide variety of measurement applications.

With over 40 years’ experience, we have a deep understanding of nuclear sensing and shielding challenges, which allows us to offer bespoke instrumentation addressing specific radiation measurement requirements.

Our reputation for quality, reliability and innovation position JCS as an ideal strategic solutions partner across the nuclear sector.

We are proud of our products and in delivering dedicated detection & measurement solutions.

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