Self-Extinguishing Borated Polyethylene

JC207 HD & HD5

Self-Extinguishing Borated Polyethylene is used for neutron shielding applications where flame resistance is necessary or desired for the installation.

Self-extinguishing materials are desirable for use in any location requiring neutron shielding where there is an issue with fire loading and a need to reduce the amount of material contributing to the overall amount of combustible materials. ASTM test D-635 (Flammability of Self-Supporting Plastics) shows JC207HD to be self-extinguishing. ASTM Test D-2863 gives a Limiting Oxygen Index of 30.2. In addition to the fire resistance, JC207HD produces negligible smoke when exposed to flame.

JC207HD contains high hydrogen content to provide good characteristics for the attenuation of fast neutrons and contains 0.9% by weight boron. It has relative high density of 1.7 g/cc (106 lbs/cu ft), which improves its gamma shielding characteristics compared to other polyethylene based shields. JC207HD has numerous applications in nuclear facilities including shielding hatches, ducts, sumps, stairwells, etc.

JC207HD is available in a wide variety shapes including slabs, bricks, rods, and pellets. Standard 1-inch thick material is available in slabs up to 48” x 96”. It is easily shaped and cut using ordinary woodworking and metalworking tools. Shieldwerx can custom machine JC207HD to your specifications.

  • Self-extinguishing polyethylene shielding
  • JC207HD contains 0.9% boron and 6% hydrogen
  • JC207HD5 contains 5.5% boron and 5.7% hydrogen
Composition Data 207HD 207HD5
Hydrogen atom density / cm³: 6.10 x 10²² 6.35 x 10²²
Hydrogen weight % density: 6.01 % 6.65 %
Natural isotope distribution: 99.98 % ¹H 99.98 % ¹H
Boron atom density / cm³: 8.14 x 10²⁰ 4.19 x 10²¹
Natural isotope distribution: 19.6 %¹⁰B & 80.4 %11¹¹B 19.6 %¹⁰B & 80.4 %11¹¹B
Weight percent of all isotopes of boron: 0.86 % 4.71 %
Total Density: 1.70 g/cm3 (106 lbs./ft³) 1.60 g/cm³ (99.8lbs/ft³)
Radiation Properties
Macroscopic thermal neutron cross section: 0.64 (cm⁻¹) 3.19 (cm⁻¹)
Gamma resistance: 5 x 10⁸ rad 5 x 10⁸ rad
Neutron resistance: 2.5×10¹⁷ n/cm² 2.5×10¹⁷ n/cm²
Physical Properties
State: Bricks, slabs, cylinders Bricks, slabs, cylinders
Color: Grey/Green Grey/Green
Odor: No odor No odor
Machinability: Excellent Excellent
Thermal Properties
Recommended Temperature Limit: 200°F (93.3°C) 200°F (93.3°C)
Chemical Properties
Chemical Name & Synonyms: Borated Polyethylene Borated Polyethylene
Trade Name & Synonyms: JC207HD JC207HD5
Chemical Family: Polyolefin’s Polyolefin’s
Formula: Mixture (CH2)n, B Mixture (CH2)n, B
Solubility in Water: Negligible Negligible
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