Neutrons in Industry

JCS Nuclear have been supplying neutron shielding across the UK and Europe for the last 35 years. In that time we have built significant expertise in neutron shield design and shielding solutions for our customers.

We specialise in supplying neutron shielding materials and modular shielding kits into radiation facilities and have a track-record in retro-fitting shielding for facility upgrades (eg. radiotherapy linac maze bunker walls).

Our handheld dose-equivalent monitor, the NMS017NG3 is the standard neutron monitor for UK industry and is now in its 4th generation. Alongside this we have introduced the same NGREM sphere as an installed neutron sensor for the RMS30 Intellegent Monitor system, which allows the sensor to be deployed in challenging areas for remote monitoring a long distance, and across networks.

Neutron Shielding


We believe a collaborative approach with our customers from concept to commissioning is vital. A deep understanding of all shielding requirements and environmental challenges is a key part of the process to optimise the scope of requirement and finished solution.

We work with our customers as part of the delivery team with early engagement, design reviews and project meetings to ensure milestones are hit and all QA requirements are met at the right stage.

JCS supply neutron shielding materials into the strictest of operating and QA conditions.


JCS offers an extensive selection of neutron radiation shielding materials. These can be supplied in sheets, rods, pellets, flexible sheets, putties, field-castable kits and even pre moulded to your specification.

We specialise in supplying finished parts for complex shielding assemblies.

Our silicone-based neutron shield materials can supplied as flexible sheets, pre-moulded to specific shapes or as a mix that can be cast in situ, depending on your specific shielding requirements. Our neutron and gamma putties are frequently used for plugging small joins and shine-paths.

Case Study

JCS Nuclear was approached to design a large bespoke neutron shield which would fit together to complete the complex shielding array that surrounds the ILL Panther Beam Dump.


Facilities Using JCS Shielding

  • CERN – neutron shielding materials
  • AWE – various shielding projects
  • ISIS (UK) – bespoke neutron shielding solutions
  • ASTRA-GEMINI & Vulcan Laser facilities (UK) – target chamber shield kits
  • INFN (Italy) – neutron shielding materials
  • CADINOX / CIEMAT (Spain) – large format beam dumps
  • Institute Laue Langevin – bespoke shielding systems
  • BAE Systems Submarines – specialist shielding
  • UKAEA JET & MAST – neutron camera shields & electronics protection

Neutron Instruments


Dose Equivalent Neutron Monitor



  • UK built & supported
  • Neutron dose rate
  • Accumulated dose
  • Count rate
  • 100 / 300 / 600 second count
  • Variable timer counts accumulated to 999999s
  • Lightest handheld neutron dose equivalence monitor on the market

The NMS017NG3 is the latest generation of neutron monitor from John Caunt Scientific Ltd. It is a battery-powered hand-held neutron survey monitor that provides ambient dose equivalent measurements from thermal to 14MeV neutrons.

Ease of use and deployment underpin the design philosophy of the NMS017NG3 which has seen this instrument adopted as the industry standard and deployed across the majority of our civil nuclear sites, AWE, MoD as well as many academic, research and medical establishments.


Intelligent Radiation Detector System



  • Dual channel input
  • Accepts a variety of JCS designed smart probes
  • Neutron sphere avilable
  • Supplies correct voltage to all system probes
  • Network Capabilities
  • User-defined units: sV/h, CPS, rem/h
  • Displays data (e.g. μSv/h) from 1 or 2 probes
  • Logs data to internal memory for PC retrieval by USB
  • Portable or installed

Designed to be flexible and intuitive, the JCS RMS30 operates a growing range of custom-designed gamma & neutron probes and is the go-to solution for a growing range of applications.

Flexibility underpins the operation of the RMS30 where sample time, counting period, alarm thresholds “per probe” can be defined by the operator.

The RMS30 can be portable (battery-powered) or mains-powered, bench or wall-mounted, have variable cable lengths for probes and even a remote alarm module to accommodate a multitude of measurement scenarios.

The RMS30 accepts a growing number of JCS designed probes and accessories, which will further extend how and where the instrument can be deployed.

The RMS30 is currently being deployed in:

  • Decommissioning
  • POCO
  • Area gamma monitoring
  • Area neutron monitoring
  • In cell radiometric profiling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Obsolescence management
  • Facility monitoring
  • Underwater monitoring
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