PolyCast Neutron Shield


Providing excellent, low-cost neutron shielding, PolyCast is a dry mix material designed to be cast into closed containers.

It is field castable, with a hydrogen content 6% greater than that of water. JC259 has 0.9% boron present to suppress radiation from capture gamma rays.

PolyCast is mixed with water, it forms a strong solid material 30 minutes after casting and can be poured in layers as each layer bonds to the previous one. No special tools or skilled labour are needed. Sealing the container immediately after casting maximizes the water and hence the hydrogen) content.

This material may be poured in as many layers as required as each layer bonds readily to the previous one. PolyCast has been used to cast a variety of shielding wall barriers, and even an entire four-foot thick roof for a cyclotron facility, Detailed mixing instructions are included with each order.

The recommended temperature limit for PolyCast is 66°C (150°F). When held at this temperature for extended periods, it loses only about 7% of its hydrogen content. Even at 149° (300°F), it retains 80% of its hydrogen. PolyCast is available in multiples of 165 pounds and has a shelf life of six months, under dry storage conditions. Other formulas are available to increase Boron content.

  • Field castable without special tools
  • Requires only water for mixing
  • Uses include, walls, back filling and roof slabs for cyclotron facilities
  • Hydrogen atoms/cc: 7.10 x 1022
  • Boron atoms/cc: 0.58 x 1021
  • Temperature Limit: 66°C
  • Density: 1.15g/cc
  • 25.5kg (56 lbs) of dry-mix powder will cast one cubic foot.
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