JCS has manufactured radiological instrumentation for over 40 years

We are proud of the products we build and in delivering the exact detection & measurement solutions that our customers require.

Since 1975 JCS have recognised that understanding our customers’ needs and having the agility as an SME, to realise their developments is core to what we offer as a company.

These working relationships drive us to align the development and evolution of our product range with the long-term requirements of our customers and the sectors in which we operate.

Quality & products

Our products include hand-held and installed radiation monitoring systems, scintillation detectors and a comprehensive range of standard and novel radiation shielding products.

Whether it’s an off-the-shelf instrument or a bespoke design for a complex problem, we’ll deliver a solution to your exact requirements.

All our equipment is built to last in the UK where it has earned us our reputation for quality and reliability.


Companies JCS supply

  • AWE
  • NNL
  • Sellafield Ltd
  • Rolls Royce
  • NHS
  • MOD
  • DSTL
  • Magnox
  • EDF
  • PHE
  • Dounreay
  • Diamond Light Source
  • STFC
  • CERN
  • ILL
Proudly working with:
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Industrial Partners


Meet the Team


Our Managing Director and the driving force of JCS.

Oliver Caunt keeps the company working to the same impeccable standards, giving you value beyond our product range and delivering the bespoke solution projects for your measurement needs.


Our marketing director, responsible for the creative output at JCS, Jeremy ensures our instruments, website and literature stand out from our competitors.

Contact Jeremy with any marketing enquiries, we are always interested to hear about new opportunities within our field.

Looking after you…

JCS are a tight team, our office staff all have direct access to our customer relationship management system and we are all kept in the loop regarding the on-going projects at JCS.

So whenever you call JCS, we’ll be able to help.


Rebrand and new website




£1m Innovate UK Grant


The launch of the NMS017 handheld neutron monitor


Scionix founded


Sheep monitor developed after Chernobyl

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