John Caunt Scientific has been designing and supplying nuclear radiation detection and measurement instrumentation for over 35 years. Since 1975, user defined requirements and early engagement with our customers, in specifying and matching exact detection and measurement needs, has underpinned our development approach.Understanding the key features and benefits of our instruments for our customers in a variety of sectors, is key to our success. This approach allows us to align the development and evolution of our product range with the requirements of our customers and sectors in which we operate.



Enhancing Radiation Safety with the RMS30: Discover the flexibility of the RMS30, a dual-channel radiation monitoring system designed for health physics applications. With customisable settings,… more

Key Features

  • Dual channel input
  • Accepts a variety of smart probes
  • Gamma & neutron probes available
  • Network capabilities


Developed in partnership with AWE the GMS595 wide-range gamma dose rate monitor combines the measurement range of a suite of gas-filled detectors into a single… more

Key Features

  • Warm up time, no more than 10secs
  • Energy Response 30keV to 7MeV
  • Dose-Rate Measurement Range 100nSvh⁻¹ to 999mSvh⁻¹
  • Dose Measurement Range 100nSv to better than 1.75Sv


The GMS310 Core Gamma Logger is a handheld Gamma Spectrometer designed to detect naturally occurring gamma radiation. The GMS310 offers the ability to log elemental… more

Key Features

  • Data Logging
  • Factory Pre-set R.O.I. for: K, U, Th & Total Gamma (KeV)
  • Background Correction
  • User defined sample times or continuous logging features


The GMS312 Core Analyser is a Rolling Gamma Spectrometer designed to detect naturally occurring gamma radiation. Cores from 3 1/2in to 12in can be accommodated.… more

Key Features

  • Rolling Spectral Core Gamma Logger
  • API units
  • Factory Pre-set R.O.I. for: K, U, Th & Total Gamma (KeV)
  • Plot of Units vs Depth in Dynamic mode


The ED3 Active Extremity Dosimeter provides monitoring of Hp(0.07) for betas and gammas on the extremities. Monitoring the extremities is extremely important when handling radiopharmaceuticals,… more

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring for ALARP
  • Measures Hp(0.07)
  • Detectors shipped pre-calibrated
  • Removable detectors for decontamination or replacement


The GMS411 MediScint is a four probe system used to detect and track the flow of a low energy radionuclides injected into a patient. This… more

Key Features

  • 4 probe input
  • 40KeV to several hundred keV
  • Displays data as graph on LCD
  • Session duration: 1 min - 12 hrs
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