December 4, 2019

bGamma Software Update

bGamma release 1.4.2


We are happy to announce a new release of bGamma software.

The installers are now available for download so please contact us for the links to the update software (Windows & Linux).

You can find out more about the bGamma software including the updates here: bGamma Page

This release is also accompanied by an updated version of the User’s Manual.

Updates Include:

A new bGamma option: “Files browser”  has been added.

The already existing software options/extensions have been updated as well:

  • bGamma/User management
  • bGamma/Procedures
  • bGamma/File batch analysis
  • bGamma/Files browser (new)

But will be available only to those licenses which includes their use.

For macOS distribution, please send us a request mail.

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