JCS are able to offer an extensive selection of radiation shielding for neutron, gamma and X-ray fields. These materials can be supplied in sheets, rods, pellets, flexible sheets, field castable kits and even pre moulded to your specifications (where relevant). We are also able to offer a machining service for appropriate materials.

JCS are pleased to announce a new low-cost range of engineering grade neutron shielding including pure and boron loaded polyethylene. With standard sizes up to 6m x 2m x 100mm and total elemental boron loading of 5%. Our new sheets are easily machined and cost-effective for all neutron shielding applications.

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JCS Ltd offers an extensive range of lead and lead-alternative products for x-ray and gamma shielding solutions. Our range includes portable lead pots, lead pot trollies, flexible lead blankets, mobile lead walls, low background detector shielding and castles. Our lead shielding products are used in a wide variety of applications.

“Design optimisation underpins our shielding solutions.”

As such, all of our lead products are individually designed and built to meet our customers’ exact requirements. We will engage at and the first phase of an enquiry to understand all aspects of the deliverable, work with our customers to optimise the design and delivered the solution.This approach allows us to be flexible and responsive to our customers’ requirements, yet remain cost effective.

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