April 17, 2023

SRP Annual Conference 2023

This year the SRP celebrates 60 years of radiation protection and the AGM is being held in Aberdeen where, JCS are looking forward to once again joining the SRP community for the annual conference and exhibition.

Visit us on Stand 9 to see a demo and discuss any projects you have that we might be able to help with.

At the exhibition

We will be showcasing our range of instruments, shielding, and detectors and exhibiting our RMS30 gamma and neutron sensors, which, as a smart device, is gaining some serious traction across the UK nuclear landscape.

The RMS30 is designed to accept a growing number of JCS designed probes and accessories, which is continues to expand how and where the instrument can be deployed.

Key RMS30 Features

  • Dual channel input
  • Accepts a variety of JCS designed smart probes
  • Recognises probe-type
  • Supplies correct voltage to all system probes
  • Network Capabilities
  • User defined units: sV/h, CPS / rem/h
  • Displays data (e.g. μSv/h) from 1 or 2 probes
  • Display probe type & serial number on screen
  • Logs data to internal memory for PC retrieval by USB
  • User defined sample times
  • User, supervisor & administrator modes
  • User-defined alarm threshold per channel
  • Internally alarm sounder
  • Displays battery Life
  • Displays/logs alarm events
  • Portable

Dose rate ranges measured

Gamma Probes:

  • RMS30-101: 10µSv h⁻¹ to 3 Sv h⁻¹
  • RMS30-102: 3µSv h⁻¹ to 100 mSv h⁻¹
  • RMS30-103: 100µSv h⁻¹ to 10 Sv h⁻¹
  • RMS30-104: 1µSv h⁻¹ to 40 mSv h⁻¹
  • RMS30-110: 0.1-20 Sv h⁻¹ (prototype)

Neutron Monitor:

  • RMS30-106: µSv h⁻¹ to 100 mSv h⁻¹

We will also be exhibiting:

  • Networked Radiation Monitoring Systems
  • Gamma Dose-rate Monitors
  • Installed Radiation Monitors
  • Handheld Radiation Monitors
  • Equipment Obsolescence & EOL Management
  • Radiation Shielding Materials, Standard & Exotic

Date: 25 – 27 Apr July 2023
Location: The Event Complex Aberdeen

The JCS GMS595 wide-range gamma dose-rate monitor

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