April 8, 2019

Smart Devices Exhibition

The focus of this Exhibition is to assess the current techniques used within the assessment of software-based device qualification and licensing within the nuclear and other secure sectors, with the aim of driving value and efficiency into the current processes.

JCS Nuclear Solution will be showcasing our range of instruments, shielding, detectors and exhibiting our RMS30 gamma and neutron sensors which, as a smart device, is gaining some serious tracking across the UK nuclear landscape.

We can now integrate the RMS30 system probes with the Omniflex Radiological Protection Gateway (RPN1) & The Omniflex Teleterm ISA100 Wireless Interface Node (W3).

This is an innovative product, based on well-proven technology that simplifies the process of gathering data from radiation detection devices such as the JCS range of Gamma Probes and Neutron Sensors.



April 10 & 11

EDF Energy Barnwood Office, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3RS

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