LBC (Lanthanum BromoChloride) LaBr₂.₈₅Cl₀.₁₅:Ce

LBC (Lanthanum BromoChloride) LaBr₂.₈₅Cl₀.₁₅:Ce scintillators have similar properties to the well-known LaBr₃:Ce crystals. Energy resolutions around 3 % FWHM (662 keV) are standard and the material is mechanically a little stronger than LaBr₃. In contrast to background free LaBr₃, LBC crystals suffer from the same La-138 background as LaBr₃

  • Material – LBC
  • Density (g/cm3) – 4.90
  • Emission Maximum (nm) – 380
  • Decay time (typical) – 35 ns (primary component)
  • Refractive index – 1.90
  • Photoelectron yield compared to NaI(Tl) – 140
  • Hygroscopic – Yes

Below the typical resolution vs energy is summarized:

Energy (keV)Typical Resolution LBCTypical resolution CeBr3Typical resolution NaI(Tl)
30 (129-I)15%22%16%
59.5 (241-Am)10%15%12%
122 (57-Co)6.40%10%9%
356 (133-Ba)4%5%8%
662 (137-Cs)3%4%7%
1332 (60-Co)2.50%3%5.50%
Hi-Resolution, mechanically a little stronger than LaBr₃
High-resolution scintillation spectroscopy, Health Physics, Environmental monitoring
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