THE GMS595 Wide Range Gamma Monitor


September 28, 2021

GMS595 Industry Award

Industry award for the GMS595 wide energy gamma monitor partnership.

JCS are delighted to receive the award, along with AWE and Ploughshare for our combined partnership in the design, development, realisation and licensing of the GMS595 wide energy gamma monitor.

The GMS595 has been a significant development for JCS and has been a rewarding experience working so closely with the team at AWE. 

The GMS595 is a sophisticated gamma dose-rate monitor developed by JCS Nuclear Solutions alongside the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).

“The GMS595 is a world-class monitor that addresses some fundamental challenges in the world of radiation detection and measurement, providing data from a single device that is highly accurate, consistent across a wide temperature range and requires no time to stabilise.”

AWE, which has been working with Ploughshare Innovations since September 2019 to commercialise innovations from areas including materials science, added:

“This is truly ground-breaking technology that represents the best of British design and engineering. We are very proud of this project and value the enormous effort that the team at AWE have contributed to its success."


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