GMS595 - Wide Range Gamma Monitor


March 10, 2021

CBRN operatives to benefit from radiation monitors developed for the nuclear deterrent programme.

A ground-breaking radiation detection technology developed to support the UK’s nuclear deterrent is being made available to nuclear, national security, policing and counter-terrorism organisations.

The GMS595 is a sophisticated gamma dose-rate monitor developed by British company JCS Nuclear Solutions alongside the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).

It is the most sensitive gamma radiation monitor available and is capable of making fast and accurate measurements. 

Unlike conventional gas-filled detectors, the technology used in the GMS595 is not affected by temperature or pressure and does not need time to ‘warm up’. This significantly reduces the time the operator has to wait to have an effective detection capability from two minutes down to just two seconds. It also operates across a wide energy range, removing the need for the CBRN operator to maintain, take, and monitor multiple devices when in the field.

AWE, a delivery partner for the UK’s nuclear deterrent programme, has been successfully using the GMS595 monitor for more than two years to ensure safe gamma levels are maintained across its sites. The technology is now being brought to market through a licensing deal with Ploughshare Innovations, the Government technology transfer organisation that takes research created across government departments and commercialises it to deliver societal impact.

JCS Nuclear Solutions envisage a number of organisations could benefit by using the GMS595 over traditional gas-filled monitors. These include, for example, nuclear, police, fire and first responders in HAZMAT situations such as traffic accidents involving vehicles carrying a radioactive source. They could also potentially be used by homeland security CBRN units that respond to potentially radioactive threats. 

Oliver Caunt, Managing Director at JCS Nuclear Solutions, said: “The GMS595 is a world-class monitor that addresses some fundamental challenges in the world of radiation detection and measurement, providing data from a single device that is highly accurate, consistent across a wide temperature range and requires no time to stabilise. 

“This is truly ground-breaking technology that represents the best of British design and engineering. We are very proud of this project and value the enormous effort that the team at AWE have contributed to its success.

“Ploughshare Innovations have been instrumental in getting this technology over the line and bringing it to market for use by organisations in policing and security and in a wide range of applications in the nuclear, health and radiation clean-up industries.”

Hetti Barkworth-Nanton, CEO at Ploughshare Innovations, said: “We are excited to be partnering with JCS Nuclear Solutions to license its world-class technology and bring it to a wider audience. Ploughshare Innovations enables game-changing solutions from UK government investments in science and technology for the benefit of our economy and society as a whole, and this is another great example.

“This advanced, accurate and highly convenient product has the potential to revolutionise gamma radiation monitoring, turning technology developed for defence use into something that can be used by organisations that strive to protect and reassure the public.”

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