Borated Flex-Panel


JC227A Borated Flex-Panel is typically used for shielding high-energy neutrons such as those produced by high-energy accelerators used in physics research and fusion test facilities. Neutrons absorbed by facility structural elements can produce high energy capture gammas and activate the components of concrete.

JC227A is a flexible light-weight sheet material with a high concentration of boron that can be used to mitigate the impact of these high energy neutrons. The relatively high boron content of 9% (natural isotope distribution) produces an attenuation factor of 22 for thermal neutrons. JC227A does have hydrogen that helps slow the fast neutrons and can reduce the overall radiation field.

It is an inexpensive neutron shielding material and is available in flexible sheets 0.275” thick x 48” x 48” (7 x 1219 x 1219 mm). The strong, rubber-like material is self-extinguishing when exposed to flame. Each sheet weighs only 27-lbs (12.3 kg) and is easily handled and installed by non-specialized personnel. This material can be cut to size using a pocket knife and can be bent to a radius as small as 1/2” (12.7mm). JC227A is easily attached to concrete or other wall materials using standard mounting techniques.

  • Inexpensive flexible neutron shielding material
  • Ideal for installation on walls or in doors
  • Contains 9% boron along with hydrogen in a tough flexible elastomer
  • Easily handled & installed by non-specialised personnel
Composition Data Important Properties
Hydrogen atom density / cm3: 4.63 x 10²²,
Natural isotope distribution: 99.98 % ¹H
Boron atom density / cm3: 5.8 x 10²¹,
Natural isotope distribution: 19.6 % ¹⁰B and 80.4 % ¹¹B
Weight percent of all isotopes of boron: 9 %
Total Density: 1.16 g/cm³ (72.2 lbs./ft³)
Radiation Properties
Macroscopic thermal neutron cross section: 4.41 (cm⁻¹)
Gamma resistance: 10 x 10⁸ rad
Neutron resistance: 5 x 10¹⁷ n/cm²
Physical Properties
State: Rubbery Solid
Color: Off white
Odor: Mild odor
Machinability: Poor, but easy to cut
Thermal Properties
Recommended Temperature Limit: 180°F (82.2 °C)
Chemical Properties
Chemical Name & Synonyms: Borated Polyurethane
Trade Name & Synonyms: JC227A Borated Flexi-Panel
Chemical Family: Boron compound and polyurethane mixture
Solubility in Water: Negligible
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