The correct Geiger-Mueller / Gass Filled tube will provide an easily-used and accurate means of both detecting and measuring most types of radiation. Gas-filled detectors are relatively rugged, low in cost and continue to be one of the most popular radiation detectors. Geiger-Mueller tubes and Helium-3 tubes can be ruggedized to operate in high vibration and high-temperature environments. Furthermore, GM Detectors have an advantage of… more

We have been selling radiation detectors since 1975 and in that time have built up an industry leading portfolio of products and product knowledge. Our comprehensive range of scintillation detectors covers applications ranging from industrial (thickness gauging in the steel industry, plutonium assay for safe-guards) to medical (blood flow monitors) & research (pulsed shaped discrimination for neutron / gamma detection, anti-neutrino detection arrays).   Types… more

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