We are radiation detection and shielding specialists, trusted across the nuclear sector to provide high-quality radiological instruments for a wide variety of measurement applications.

With over 40 years’ experience, we have a deep understanding of nuclear sensing and shielding challenges, which allows us to offer bespoke instrumentation addressing specific radiation measurement requirements.

Our reputation for quality, reliability and innovation position JCS as an ideal strategic solutions partner across the nuclear sector.

We are proud of our products and in delivering dedicated detection & measurement solutions.

JCS are most active in the following sectors:

  • Nuclear power generation
  • POCO & decommissioning
  • Defence
  • High energy physics & nuclear research
  • Medical physics & nuclear medicine
  • Oil & Gas

Our products range includes:

  • Radiation detectors & sensors
  • Health physics instrumentation
  • Hand-held instruments
  • Installed monitoring systems
  • Bespoke instrumentation design
  • Neutron shielding materials

Neutron detection with scintillators

An article by Dr Paul Schotanus

In general neutrons are more difficult to detect than gamma rays because of their weak interaction with matter and their large dynamic range in energy. Fast Neutrons can interact with materials that contain a large… more